BDD style unit testing video and slides@RubyKaigi 2011

This is my slides and video recording at RubyKaigi 2011 (with speaker’s note every page). It’s my first English presentation and the time is 30mins, so I only talk about the core value of BDD, basic BDD style syntax, why the syntax matters and some BDD caveats you should know and think.

I’m such nervous and may speak too quickly (only use 25 mins). I asked all attendees and found surprisingly more than half attendees do unit testing and RSpec, which means most attendees already knows unit testing and RSpec. Great! Now I’m afraid of my talk will be too easy :P Anyway, hope this talk can help you realize why we do BDD unit testing and not only because RSpec’s awesome syntax.

BTW, If you’re interested in more RSpec syntax, you can checkout my RSpec talk at OSDC.TW.

這是我在日本 RubyKaigi 2011 的演講錄影跟投影片(包括講稿),因為是第一次用英文演講,加上時間只有三十分鐘,所以我只講了BDD最重要的核心概念、最基本的 BDD 風格語法、為何 Syntax 會影響你思考以及一些你應該要知道及思考的 BDD 副作用。

因為用英文講太緊張了,所以一開始講的好像太快了,導致只花了25分鐘,還留了5分鐘沒用完。開講前還問了聽眾有多少人有做單元測試,意外發現超過一半以上舉手,而且大部分都是使用 RSpec。真是太棒了,讓我心底馬上os那我還需要講嗎? XD 無論如何,希望這演講還是可以讓你了解到 BDD 單元測試的核心價值,而不只是因為 RSpec 的 awesome 語法而已。

如果你有興趣看更多 RSpec,可以參考我之前在 OSDC.TW 的 RSpec 演講。