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Update(2008/4/13): 今日投影片在此

第一次要在大 conference 上做 presentation,我準備的題目是 Practical Rails2,主要是將這半年內採用 Ruby on Rails 2.0 的經驗做個分享。

RESTful 是 Rails 2.0 的一個大重點,我不打算 cover 太多的 Representational State Transfer 理論 ,而是介紹 Rails2 如何使用 REST 技巧。就算你不是 REST 愛好者或理解其內涵,Rails2 的 RESTful 依然是個非常優秀的技巧,它讓 controller 跟 action 有著統一的思維跟方便的慣例,以及對之後提供 web services 有著極佳的擴充性。

除了REST,接下來還會介紹兩個和多出品的 Ajax UI plugins: SPAkitFaceboxRender,前者讓你可以輕易達成 Single Page Application 的效果,後者則是 lightbox 效果的 Rails 無縫完美使用(using Facebox library)。最後的時間則分享一些好用的 Tips 跟 plugins,像是Capistrano多國語系等等。


RESTful development is the biggest feature and paradigm shift for Rails2.
I will share our design philosophy and coding experience, including RESTful, Ajax, Metaprogramming, practical tips and useful plugins. This session supposes that you have some Rails background.


Wen-Tien Chang (a.k.a. ihower) is a software developer and consultant at Handlino Inc., who has been enjoying Ruby on Rails about two years. His recent work has been delvering utilizing Rails2, and releasing related open source Rails plugins. 2008 的日期為4月12與13,其他的議程見 網站,報名請進 Registrano :)

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